Teach you the correct understanding of apple's bad heart
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Apple in daily life is each family essential fruit, apple gives us healthy but also bring us some confusion and unhappiness.Let us confused because bought "corruption" inside apple...

What caused the apple "corruption" inside?

Today apple gave you talk about the "corruption" inner reasons, or loose the heart for you for a long time cannot disperse doubts and displeasure.

Apple and others, will also get sick, bad heart disease is one of the apple common disease, commonly known as apple heart rot, is the most important in the big dipper and starkrimson orchard fruit diseases.Red Fuji apple orchard, flowering in rainfall or persistent low temperature years, mildew disease can also occur.

Apple mould heart diseases by airflow spread, rely on rain dew infection, when the apple tree flower, bacteria in the flowering of stigma, filaments, and sepals organizational colonization, along with the development of the fruit, fruit by hypanthium to ventricular begin to enter the core, core parts after grow slowly, and only in flowering cold or low rainfall years, mildew disease is likely to happen.Typically the symptoms from her appearance is not obvious, it's hard to pick out when picking packing.

People ill take medicine can be treated, mildew can also through the drug prevention and treatment of heart, combined with the present agricultural drugs varied, apple is completely can be done to eliminate mildew disease, is to see apple growers are willing to use these drugs, such as: enemy holds 6000 times, 50% bacteria urea can wet sulfur powder 1000 times liquid;50% methyl sulfur bacteria spirit, sulfur containing 800 times liquid;50% carbendazim, b mould wei wettable powder 1000 times liquid;15% triadimefon wettable powder 1000-1500 times liquid;70% methyl sulfur bacteria spirit wettable powder 1000 times liquid, and so on these medicines can prevent mildew disease.But some brand agriculture company, is committed to do in order to keep green organic products, do not allow the use of residual pesticide reagents.If is the use of the resistance to mildew disease, mildew heart also would not be a problem.


Really bad heart is not terrible, terrible is consumer awareness of it, as experienced parents met the cold has a fever, don't think what's the big deal.Can, on the other hand, if you buy apple had a bad heart, at least can illustrate this apple growers no extensive use of pharmacological inhibition of the mildew, compared to a lot of pesticide residues and bad apple, you will choose the one, moreover, the proportion of mildew heart is very little.

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