The future of apple to modern fruit industry development
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Apple industry in China in the future the way how to go, overall train of thought is based on the market as the guidance, the author thinks that regulating the development scale and backward production capacity, the transformation of the mode of production, improve production efficiency, improve the quality of the fruit, improve the efficiency of the industry, speed up the traditional fruit industry to modern fruit industry transformation.Summarized into one sentence, is accused of scale, structure, transfer mode, the quality and increasing benefits.

Optimization of regional layout

The apple industry structural adjustment optimization: one is about apple area layout;2 it is to breed structure adjustment optimization problems;Three is to promote the production and business operation mode change;Four is the road to change mode of cultivation system;Five is the superficial understanding of brand building.

Apple's development in our country has experienced more than 70 years, the two historical stages of development.Especially in the second stage, after the reform and opening up, rapid development.Across the country to form the two advantages area.

Two advantages region, involving seven major provinces, account for about 90% of the apple production.Four characteristic regions development these years too soon.Southwest plateau, including yunnan, sichuan and guizhou.The ili river valley, aksu area in xinjiang, the xinjiang apple has 1 million mu, the momentum is fierce.

These two years in xinjiang are also adjust the compression jujube and walnut planting area, development of apple planting.Then a small apple and the Yellow River is the northeast traditional communist-held areas, we call it the characteristic region.

Each region should be in line with the basic principles of market leading quality priority, plate structure, optimize area gathered condition of natural endowment, variety characteristics, such as core elements, pushing forward the construction of the core areas to lay a solid foundation for improving quality and brand construction.Without the core region, there is no brand QianDongLi, without the basis of brand construction.

Adjust the structure of varieties

This is very important in the next round of industry adjustment.The author of the original seven unified survey on main variety, Fuji, marshal, venturia inaequalis and strong, four main variety accounted for 90% of the total area of cultivated varieties.

China's apple account for half of the world, in addition to China, what are the other half of the world's apple varieties?Through data can be learned that in addition to our country, other apple producers of about 35 million tons of production combined, arrangement of the top four varieties were crown, marshal, ga, Fuji, production for more than 50%, the proportion of the top 10 varieties yield proportion is 67.7%, breeds structure showed a wide variety.

It is understood that other countries apple production varieties development features: a change in the target market and consumer demand as the guidance, adjust the structure of varieties;The second is the variety development, to meet different consumer groups habit;Three is the main variety, choose the most suitable for a variety of domestic consumers taste;Fourth, pay attention to the protection of varieties of property rights, enhance market competitiveness.

Apple varieties of problems existing in the development of our country has three points:

Single first, varieties, structure is the same, according to unify the whole country, the proportion of 70%, producing more than 80%, the structure of grain varieties, the same regional characteristic is not obvious.

Second, the main variety mixed strains, the impact of commodity consistency, bud mutation optimization is not prominent regional characteristics.

Third, bred varieties of agriculture scale is small, less than 10%, the production of our country with more than 90% of all varieties are foreign, not very influential varieties.

Varieties are materialized, technology is the foundation of the development strategy of the fruit, only a and selection of good varieties, is likely to produce the best quality products, the market is likely to create a competitive advantage of brand, variety and quality of strong point is to improve the market competitiveness.

Adjust the structure of varieties of problems is very important, but how to operate?The author thinks that can be, according to this way of thinking to the market demand as the guidance, based on the region climate and geographical features, combining with the variety characteristics, for the layout of the regionalization, the development of differentiation, do "a man without I have, people have my superior", to embody the features, to reflect personality.

Fuji apple how to develop in the future

Fuji apple introduced 30 years in our country, there are about 2000 more than 2000 mu of Fuji in our country.In the early 1980 s, our country introduces the color Fuji, mid - 80 - s to mid - 90 - s, Fuji great development for the first time, from 1995 to 2004, apple sold appeared difficult, adjustment in 10 years, to reduce the nation's total 1/3, other varieties of a large number of compression, with the popularization of bagging technology, Fuji apple.

From 2004 to 2014, apple a 10-year period of gold Fuji varieties second great development, Fuji unify the whole country, so the next 30 years, where does that leave Fuji apple industry in China?

At present, the Fuji yield is about ten times the Fuji output of all the rest of the world, so why europeans, they don't like the kind of Fuji?Some people say the Asian people like to eat sweet apples.The visit to the European and American countries found that they also like to eat red Fuji.But why don't you planted so many red Fuji?The author thinks that, Fuji is a one kind of varieties, the enterprise scale planting is difficult, because varieties of Fuji varieties is the most difficult management.

In ShengLiHua, contracted management, reduce the labor costs under the new situation, the development of high quality easy cultivated varieties is the trend of The Times, diversified fruit, apple, species diversity will be personality consumption market development in our country in the future the trend of The Times, mainly in the domestic market, according to the market risk increase obviously, but a long a period of time in the future, Fuji will still be China's first big introduced.cultivation variety, but transform the old orchard compression area will be the trend of The Times (optimal los apple)

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