How to differentiate between wax apple
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After a lot of friends to buy apple, reflect on apple with a knife scrape skin white powder, is worried about apple dozen wax, now, I will explain for you what is the layer of white powder:

1, apple itself with the surface of a lipid

In apple's growth process, the surface will generate a plant protection layer, it can effectively prevent external microbial invasion of pulp, pesticide and so on, protection, not only is the apple, any kind of fruit surface will have this kind of lipid composition, it is the plant itself to the outside world an immune ability of harmful substance.

How to differentiate between wax apple

Part 2, wax apple bearing edible fruit

This is artificial added edible wax, the "artificial fruit wax" is actually a chitosan material, more extracted from crab, shell and other crustaceans, not harmful to the body and the material itself, its role is primarily used for keeping fresh, prevent apple rot in the long-distance transportation, storage for a long time.Also can improve the aesthetic of apple, apple looks very bright and beautiful.


How to differentiate between wax apple

3, illegal businessmen use industrial wax

Individual businesses use industrial wax daub on apple's surface, to extend the shelf life of apple, the apple is not easy to decay, with this kind of wax apple put in room temperature for a long time and even will not rot.Containing mercury, lead, may through the skin penetration into the flesh, has a harmful effect on human body.So when choosing wax fruit, usable hand or napkin wipe the surface of fruits, such as a faint red, can wipe down don't buy this is probably industrial wax.

How to differentiate between wax apple


So, we must carefully to identify when the choose and buy apples and other fruits, prevent purchase chemical fruit, damage to physical health, you can choose to have the brand of fruit, as far as possible if there is a problem, can also have a after-sales service can be guaranteed.

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