Look from the "one county in fujian" luochuan industry development
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Recently, with the friends came to shaanxi luochuan, met leaders inspect luochuan apple industry, guide local industry poverty alleviation work, successive luochuan governments around the apple industry, become industry to make the original counties in poverty counties, is a little red apple, driving in luochuan, jumped out of all the endless apple orchards, summer of apple orchards, the farmers are busy to apple bagging, listen to the fruit industry bureau of the technician, said the county shall luochuan apple orchards reached five hundred thousand mu, passed the national green food certification, bagging is to reduce pesticide residues, let the outside of the apple is bag wrapped in a layer of apple, isolate outside harmful substances, plant diseases and insect pests, pesticides.Make the apple can be more bold, more green and healthy.

Luochuan government put forward a slogan for several years, the "creating a brand, connecting a enterprises, develop a market, led a base", plans to enterprises, drive the growers to realize a well-off life.We had an interview with li, director of bureau of citrus, he tells us, luochuan since the early 1990 s promoting apple planting, after nearly 20 years of development, by the end of 2014, the county apple production 790000 tons, apple's revenue of 3.5 billion yuan, apple per capita net income of farmers reached ten thousand yuan.But in the process of development of apple industry, also appeared a lot of industry, farmers in pursuit of low input, high-yield, a large number of the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, make apple further increase per mu, increasing the income, but the soil acidification, apple quality decline year by year, the government has already realized this problem, and vigorously to give farmers work, promoting organic fertilizer plant, improving soil, but because of the high cost of organic fertilizer, farmyard manure, farmers are reluctant to spend money, they have become accustomed to low input, high output of chemical fertilizer model, no one is willing to use high input of organic manure.

After fruit industry bureau of research, the government began to change train of thought, no longer for growers in administrative means to change planting patterns, but began to build local agricultural enterprises, let the enterprise began to change ideas, accept the organic fertilizer plant, after all consider is a long-term enterprise development and the quality of their products, so, soon, a few far-sighted enterprises start according to the fruit planting, the guidance of these enterprises grow out of apple quality significantly improved, also can sell a good price, growers see this planting pattern is to be able to get high yield, also slowly according to the enterprise started planting organic cultivation mode, which is the leading role of the enterprise.But luochuan enterprises are mostly local farmers have the ability to do, for fruit tree planting, the apple growth characteristics are very familiar with, but to product sales, branding is somewhat less, most enterprises only know that in the product, don't know how to go to sales, not brand awareness, also have no ability to expand the market, meet individual years, the surge of production time, can cause the product backlog, unable to sell.

So in recent years, the government is vigorously support the enterprises to go out, in the country and the world to promote their brands and products, the government is vigorously introduce external capital and talent, hoping to highlight one or two in the enterprises of the luochuan star enterprise.Under our request, director li took us to visit the local do better a company - luochuan optimal los organic fruit industry co., LTD., see the head of the enterprise, the enterprise is luochuan of entrepreneurial company for college students after graduation to return, because in the outside reading experience, and social connections, and enterprises have head of brand meaning, the company after several years of development, has been sold in the country set up seven branches, also registered their trademark enterprise, won the green food certification, the company director told us that he was made to the company product registration "optimal" trademark, just want to make the company's products a representative of luochuan apple products, "optimal los apple" on behalf of the quality of luochuan apple, early from the company was founded, the company will follow the concept of organic fertilizer plant, refusing to grow in the process of using herbicide, chemical reagents, such as ripening agent advocate green apple growth law of nature, due to the high standards in the growing process, product price than the average luochuan apple's expensive, but consumer acceptance is very high.

So, the company now also constantly expand the scale of planting, near the boot growers in accordance with the standards of company also use organic fertilizer plant, fruit industry bureau director li said, with the company's effect, benchmarking now growers to use organic fertilizer plant more and more near.Also makes the area of luochuan apple price every year is the highest, which is an enterprise leading role of growers, now, the government has also promoted the enterprise in other areas of farmers driving mode, strive for in three to five years, to the organic cultivation of luochuan county and implement thoroughly transform of luochuan apple industry.Luochuan apple industry to stimulate people's income, so as to realize the comprehensive well-off life.

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