Yanan apple industry to upgrade, optimal apple for A grade green food certification
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In recent years, the yan 'an luochuan county and the county government based on agricultural industrialization development of the new situation at home and abroad, put forward with the safety standardization planting concept to grasp the apple industry development train of thought.Established "market lead, brand promoting, promoting the fruit to livestock, mass transfer efficiency" working train of thought, adhere to the construction of modern fruit industry as the core, to quality, and the efficiency as the key point, the implementation of "three transformation" apple industry development as the main line, relying on the leading enterprise and farmers' professional cooperative organization, universal access to standardized production, strengthen the support of science and technology and the quality and safety supervision and management, depth excavation apple culture, improve the brand construction, enhance the level of marketing services and opened up a new era of modern apple industry construction.

In the county, the county government, under the drive of luochuan apple also emerged A group of outstanding enterprises, their scientific planting, promoting food safety as own duty, take the lead in the county green food standard, for the apple industry of the county good leading role, and in 2017, the six companies represented by optimal los apple won the national a-level green food certification, the county will also take this opportunity to push forward the safety standardization planting concept.

Standardization production.Around the "big change shape, strong branches, reduce the density and fertilizer" four key technologies, successively built apple standardized demonstration base of 300000 mu, through the national green certification of 400000 mu, built the export demonstration base of 200000 mu, passed the certification of export of 128800 mu, built by the European Union and domestic certified organic fruit base 48200 acres.The second is to strengthen training.According to the modern fruit industry development needs, set up new training pattern, implements the trainees attendance system, satisfaction evaluation system and evaluation system, establish training files, to ensure the training effectiveness.Third, we will improve the system security.Establish and improve the fruit market supervision system, the quality monitoring system, the production standard system., source control, orchard down-stream strict market access, to disable the goverment of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, agricultural materials such as fruit bag do not sell, not buy, are not allowed to be used.Vigorously promote biological, physical (insecticidal lamp, armyworm, trap zone, predator mites, etc.) prevention and control technology, actively promote and orchard pest TongFang rule file management system.

Mining the apple culture, the implementation of brand, according to "creating a brand and link (cooperative), an enterprise to develop a market, led a base", go to "market brands, to brand the market" development path, has realized the production base, processing enterprises, marketing organization, distribution channel, exports have a diversified pattern of the market.Luochuan apple has obtained the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai world expo, the guangzhou Asian games 2013 annual meeting, the Chinese women's volleyball team, the boao Asia BBS service products such as 30 major brands or naming rights."Luochuan apple" brand evaluation value reached 4.28 billion yuan, to become the national well-known trademarks.Luochuan apple brand in 2012, the first Chinese agricultural product brand construction propulsion conference was named "China's most influential regional public brand".Luochuan apple has won more than 170 national and provincial famous quality products award.

In the future, we will with the urban and rural development as a whole as the main line, vigorously implement the agricultural industrialization, promote the industrialization of the county, driving the development of urban and rural integration.Strive to blaze a trail on the agricultural industry and realize the four modernizations, the prosperous common people by the road of scientific development, to forge a Chinese apple the luochuan, realize the luochuan apple "China first, world famous" goal

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