Warmly celebrate the luochuan optimal los apple on China central television (CCTV) - 2 set of ads
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Optimal apple formally signed, and through the qualification at a China central television (CCTV) - sets of prime-time broadcast 20:00. Luochuan optimal los organic fruit industry co., LTD. Is a collection of apple ecological planting, storage, sorting, packaging, distribution processing, e-commerce in a body's comprehensive key agricultural enterprises."Optimal", focusing on the organic apple industry in the process of cultivation to the use of organic manure, adhering to the "no wax" "color" "do not use the ripener" planting concept, make the best brand apple can absolutely to green food standards


Optimal los orchards located in one of the few apples on the best YouSheng District - China - - the county in shaanxi province.Luochuan and weibei rainfed highland plateau climate, soil, location: warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, is a high value area of sunshine, favorable to the accumulation of photosynthetic matter of apple and operation, advantage of apple cultivation;Luochuan of soil deep loess plateau, north of 80 ~ 220 meters thick, soil texture, permeability is strong, the coordination between the supply and demand of sewage sludge, containing organic matter is about 1%.Soil is a neutral alkali, good soil for apple cultivation.Luochuan frost-free period 180 days, less in winter cold, summer without heat, direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, day and night temperature difference is big, the humidity is low, fewer pests, and the fruit color bright, high sugar content, strong fragrance, good quality, shipping, has special commodity value and economic value.

Luochuan optimal los organic fruit industry limited liability company since was established, the partners have come to and luochuan optimal strict quality management to customers, for each sales outlet detailed examination, examination and approval strictly.Development campaign in 2017 on a new starting point.In the future, we will be more devout attitude is committed to "do agricultural person with a conscience, do organic planting apple leader" of the mission.Big goal, grand blueprint, and together, let us hand in hand, together with the implementation.

Word of mouth and charm, crowned brand;

The quality and strength, and escort for the enterprise.

Optimal los rewards will make persistent efforts in the process of development in the future,

With more quality products and services, feedback consumers expect and support.

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