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Uluo apple is from Apple's brand name in Luochuan, Shaanxi. It means: High quality Luochuan apple.

Luochuan ULUO Organic Fruit Industry Co., Lit. is located in Luochuan County, Shaanxi province. It is a comprehensive key agricultural enterprise of Apple ecological planting, storage and preservation, processing and sorting, packaging and distribution, electronic commerce and integration. The "ULUO" brand is focused on the organic apple industry, and is committed to creating a whole industry chain apple fruit enterprise from the plantation to the consumer. It relies on the few best apple eugenics in the world to realize the green planting of the apple.

Setting up of the company:

Luochuan is the eugenic area of apple in the world. It is located on the Loess Plateau and has an excellent apple growing environment.

Since the introduction and planting of apple in Luochuan in 1947, it has gone through more than 60 years.

A folk song has been circulated everywhere: gold powder is sweet, and saliva is still sweet. The divine workers embellish the Luochuan tableland.

With the large-scale cultivation of apple, apple industry is becoming more and more prominent.

The level of the employees in apple cultivation is uneven, the level of culture is not high, and the pressure of raising the family is heavy. Everyone is eager to make a quick contribution and not willing to invest in the long term. The quality of the apple fruit is not high and the quality is different. In order to pursue economic benefits, a large number of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and hormone drugs are used. It not only causes environmental pollution, but also makes the soil acidified and destroys the necessary environment for plant growth.

The government advocates the optimization of soil, but the cost is very high. Everyone has developed a low input and high output chemical fertilizer model, and no one is willing to carry out high cost organic fertilizer planting model.

The sale mode of apple is single, which is the traditional wholesale market sales. This sales model improves the sales speed, but it also neglects the distinction between the quality and the quality of the product, which makes the high quality apples show no price advantage. A vicious circle.

With the increase of consumer's life and the increase of consumption demand, more and more people want to keep the fruits of their own consumption to maintain high quality, eat up healthier and more reassuring, return to the original ecology of plant growth, and also how consumers pay more attention to their own consumption of fruit, and do not use industrial fertilizer. No wax, use of preservatives and other chemicals.

Because of these requirements, the government and some enterprises are now starting to invest in "order farming" and "organic agriculture".

Different from the traditional farming model, the government is increasingly advocating enterprise model, and the enterprise operates a unified brand, and sets out planting standards, market rules and sales models. From the planting link to carry out high standard input, the brand fruit that the enterprise runs can win the hearts of the people and get the recognition of the consumers.

Compared with the farmers, enterprises are more willing to do high investment, willing to do long-term investment preparation, in order to develop their own enterprise brand, strictly control the planting link, do not use prohibited drugs, so that their brand fruit can be recognized by consumers, and get long-term continuous purchase.

Uluo organic fruit industry is an apple enterprise based on organic planting.

After several years of development, uluo's planting employees are increasing, the customer service is increasing, the sales staff are decreasing, and the customers are well received by the consumers. Before the market is not listed every year, they will be booked in large numbers. In the three months of the Spring Festival, in October Apple, Uluo can end their sales work. To eat Uluo apple, we will have to wait a year. Uluo Apple put the focus of all the year's work on planting, actively exploring the optimization of soil, quality control, so the product is well received by the market, forming a rush of buying.


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