Uluo apple comes from the apple brand of Luochuan, Shaanxi. It means: the quality of Luochuan apple.

Luochuan ULUO Organic Fruit Industry Co., Lit. is located in Luochuan County, Shaanxi province. It is a comprehensive key agricultural enterprise of Apple ecological planting, storage and preservation, processing and sorting, packaging and distribution, electronic commerce and integration. The "ULUO" brand is focused on the organic apple industry, and is committed to creating a whole industry chain apple fruit enterprise from the plantation to the consumer. It relies on the few best apple eugenics in the world to realize the green planting of the apple.

After several years of development, uluo's planting employees are increasing, the customer service is increasing, the sales staff are decreasing, and the customers are well received by the consumers. Before the market is not listed every year, they will be booked in large numbers. In the three months of the Spring Festival, in October Apple will end its sales. You have to wait a year to eat the apple. Uluo Apple put the focus of all the year's work on planting, actively exploring the optimization of soil, quality control, so the product is well received by the market, forming a rush of buying.

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